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With a background in horticulture, Bekky has always enjoyed getting her hands in the earth. She merges her passion for botany with her love of designing and making through her ceramic practice. The Biophilia Effect sits at the heart of her creative concept, this relates to our primal instinct for a connection with the natural world, a subject she studied in depth during her Masters in Craft. 


The intention of her porcelain ceramic lamps, vessels and wall sculptures is to reflect on the psychology of this human urge for a closeness with the wilderness. Her minimal contemporary surface designs play with the light through the translucency of the porcelain. 


With a studio nestled on a farm in the Sussex countryside, surrounded by rolling hills and woodlands, Bekky’s daily interactions with this natural environment provides a calming flow of inspiration. She consciously channels this mindful practice into her creative work, through which she encourages us to share our living and working spaces with Biophilic Art.

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